Four Aces


I had an interesting dream last night. The scene was 1950’s era black and white. I was some how playing golf and poker at the same time with a couple of shady gangster types. It was the 18th hole and I had an impossible chip shot that I had to hole to win. The ball was stuck behind a rock. I hacked it with a sand wedge and it went about 10 feet. I should have used a toe wedge.

Meanwhile, at the poker table I had been dealt three aces and the bet was 2100 dollars. That was all I had so I went all in. My last card was another ace! The bet was 500 hundred more but I was broke. I asked if I could use a credit card. The dealer used a old black “rotary phone” to charge five hundred to my card. I called the bet. Strangely, instead of revealing our cards to see who won the two gangsters and I went to get something to eat.

I kept my four aces in my pocket while we ate at a nice “gangster type” restaurant. (Think Goodfellas)

When the meal was finished I was anxious to get back to the poker table to reveal my four aces. On the way back I somehow got separated from the two gangsters and arrived back at the poker table alone only to find the janitor cleaning the place up. The two gangsters never came back. Since we had no cell phones I had no way of calling them.

So, if you see two men wearing Ricky Ricardo baggy suits and fedoras tell them I am looking for them. I don’t know their names but I am pretty sure I saw one of them on the Dick Van Dyke Show.

I think I might need to stop eating before I go to bed at night.


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