My Old Jacket

jacketFirst of all let me say that I do not usually form emotional attachments to inanimate objects. To me, stuff is just stuff, to be used until it is no longer functional or beneficial to my existence. But with Fall just around the corner I have to say that I am somewhat saddened by the forced retirement of my beloved jacket. The rolled up sleeves that were always to long for me, have literally rotted off, as has the sweat stained collar. Quite simply, it just doesn’t have another Winter left in it.

This old jacket has kept me warm through many hours of work and countless miles of travel. Many of my most pleasant memories were made while wearing this old jacket. From sea to shining sea, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer she was always faithful.

From humble beginnings on an Old Navy clearance rack this simple cloth jacket rose through the ranks to become my #1 go to outer wear. Light enough to be comfy even when driving, roomy enough for a hoodie underneath when needed, this jacket could do it all. Just enough pockets to house the essentials, phone, keys, billfold, sunglasses and even a firearm when necessary, this jacket was an absent minded mans dream companion. Not exactly a fashion statement yet able to adapt to almost any social setting this jacket knew no boundaries. She was a star, a jacket among jackets. Many a challenger came and went, unable to steal her crown, unable to compete with her unmatched adaptability and comfort.

Doubtless, others will seek her position and prestige. The path forward will not be easy. On those days behind the wheel when I feel cramped and bound up by some bulky “coat” or when I stand shivering in some light weight girly “wind breaker,” with a tear in my eye I will recall the days of wonder when you held me tightly.

Good bye sweet friend. I pray that Kim don’t throw you away. If she does, I pray that if there is a jacket in heaven, you will wait for me, and I will see you again.


One comment

  1. Lottie · September 10, 2017

    You do have a way with words and it makes me too hope that Kim doesn’t throw it away. ❤

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