My Little Hannah Faye

Today is a very special day. Today my baby girl turns 18. From the moment she was born she has been a joy to my life. When she was a baby she hardly ever cried and she would awake with a smile on her beautiful little face. Eighteen years later and she is more beautiful than ever and still smiling. She simply shines where ever she goes.

She has a gentleness and grace that can’t be taught and a passion for life that is inspiring. She is tender as lace yet tough as leather. She has the beauty of her mother, the sweetness of her sister and the fire of her father. Independant, opinionated and driven. Artistic, contemplative and wise beyond her years. She is my little Hannah Faye.


It’s Only Rock & Roll But I Like It!

Well it is that time of year again. Time for our annual three-day pilgrimage to the land of the Texas Rangers, Six Flags, giant malls, too many restaurants, (So much food and so little time!) and loud Christian Rock music. We will be heading out this Friday and I don’t know who is more exited, our youth group or me!

Now I know that this is supposed to be an event for the “youth” but it is also one of my favorite COG sponsored events. There is something amazing about being in a room with a few thousand Jesus worshipping teenagers. Every one should experience it at least once in their lifetime. There is also the extra added bonus of getting to hear some great Chirstian bands.

In my younger, pre-Jesus days I spent a lot of my time attending various other “festivals” in and around the Dallas metroplex. Events like The Texas Jam, The Rock and Roll Superbowl and various other gatherings aimed at reaching that wild eyed, hormonally charged generation called teenagers. In those days I, like most other youths was searching for something to satisfy my wandering lonely soul.

I had the opportunity to see some of the biggest “Rock Gods” of my day. You might say that I worshipped at the altar of such greats as The Boss, ZZTop, AC/DC, Ozzy, Journey, Aerosmith, Rush, Foreigner, Santana…the list goes on and on. (As far as I know the COG did not sponsor any of these events.) 🙂

I even tried out some of the Country deities like Merle, Hank jr., Gary Stewart and Alabama. I am ashamed to admit that once I even stooped so low that I actually went and saw Christopher Cross live. (Yeah, I know I was one sick puppy.) 🙂

I saw some great “shows” but I never found what I was truly searching for.

For an old headbanger like me this weekend is a chance “rock on” and still retain at least a little bit of pastoral dignity. (Hey, I gotta do it for the kids.) For many teens this weekend will be a chance to find what they are looking for. Please pray for Winterfest.

On second thought, it really is much more than Rock and Roll and I absolutely………….LOVE IT!